Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Monday! | week 79

You sound a little busy mom haha! Life always goes by faster when we have alot to do. I want to wish you both a happy Birthday this coming week. I cannot believe Zach is turning 14 Holy Moly. They are supposed to stop growing while im gone.
Like you guys we had a very hectic week. Going to the Temple on Tuesday threw us off a little bit but we got things going. Rondomly a huge rainstorm hit us on Thursday. We were eating lunch outside at a comedor and it started coming down for a good 30 minutes. The streets flooded and nobody could leave. I took some good video for after the mission to show you guys. We ran home to get our rain jackets and found our bathroom was flooded on the first floor hahaha. The water rose so fast that it came out of the shower and drain. It smelled horrible so we took an hour cleaning that up haha.
Cool story this week. President Watts had to close one of the areas in our zone this week. Something happened with some missionaries and there were lots of Emergency changes. We got a call Thursday Afternoon that we had to go find the Elders in their area and let them know about the e changes as soon as possible. Well the missionaries dont have cell phones here just the ZLs so we started looking for them. After about an hour and a half we decided to pray and ask for the Lords help again. Shortly after we felt like we should walk down one last street. And there they were walking towards us. I know its simple but after two hours God answered our prayer and led us right to them in there very large area haha.
I loved General Conference. I felt the Spirit in every session and am so grateful for our church leaders that Guide and direct us. I loved Talks by President Uchdorf on Sunday Morning on Gratitude and President Monson about love. President Uchdorf talked about being grateful "in" our current curcumstances. It is then that we experience peace amidst the storm. Loved that!
Well M and her two grandaughters are going to be baptized on Saturday. We are so excited for them. I love them so much and I know that are making the best decision. C Posponed her baptism so that her son and daughter in law can be there with here. She is doing great though. She will be baptised the 19th of April now. I feel so blessed right now. It is such an honor to be one of the Lords missionaries and I have felt so much love here. Me and my companion have been doing so well and have set some new goals for the coming week.
I want to leave you guys with a very special experience that I had today. I already hold this really close to me but I would like to share what happened.

I witnessed a miracle today in the life of Elder V. While playing volleyball today as a zone. Elder V fell down writhing in pain. We all ran over to see what happened, he was distraught. He has struggled with knee problems and surgerys before the mission. Actually had surgery on both knees before the mission. He immediately began to sob. He just told us he did it again and he is going home. He wouldnt stop crying and was so upset. He of anyone knows what it feels like to tear your ACL he did it twice before the mission. He went into the church and refused to talk to any of us. We got everyone together and knelt as a zone to pray. A few minutes later we then gave him a preisthood blessing. He asked me to seal the annoting and to give him the blessing. I have never felt the spirit so strong. My words were guided there came a moment in the blessing where I felt the spirit so strongly and the only word in my head was "Caminar" (or to walk) I told him to walk. He stood up and stopped at the door, paused and Elder V literally walked down the hall and began to run....Tears could not be held back. I seriously cannot describe it but was healed in front of our eyes. He was in shock and so were all of us. I could not stop crying. I know that there is Power in the preisthood and it is Gods power. I have not seen such a miracle in my entire life. I love these Elders and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. God is a God of miracles and we were all witnesses of this power today. How grateful I am for this restored gospel. I pray I can always be ready to answer the Lords call and to act in his name. My faith has increased and I am a witness that Priesthood power is real. Elder V was walking with us the rest of the day, smiling as he went. 
I love you all so much. I hope everyone has a great week and that everything goes well I love you Zach and wish you a happy birthday!
Love you all
Elder Hughes

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