Monday, January 27, 2014

I shook hands with . . . | week 69

 Hey Guys! Mom I just loved all the pictures you guys sent from your trip.
It looks like you guys saw it all. I'm glad you and dad could get away and
celebrate. I was trying to count back this week was it your 22nd wedding
aniversary? I'm going to keep California in my prayers I didnt realize the
drought was that bad.

Sounds like the ward is going to split hmmmmmm dang I love Rocklin 1st ward
I could not imagine it in two sections. Remember we thought it was going to
split before and it didn't happen. Do you guys think you would be on the
Whitney Ranch side???

This week was so cool! We had the oppourtunity to have a mission conference
on Tuesday with all the missionaries in the whole mission. That had never
happened before. We all came into it fasting for unity in the mission and
the spirit was felt in abundance there. I am starting to feel a little
"old" in the mission now hahaha. Most of the missionaries are new here
haha. On Tuesday night we had some elders from outside of the capitol stay
with us and then to conference with Elder Cook on Wednesday.

Wednesday we got up at 4.30am to get everyone at the stake center early. We
went to the stake center Montufr where everything all started here in
Guatemala and Central America. Three missions were there with 700
missionaries in all. It was quite a site. Elder Cook came in and as he
walked down a distict spirit filled the whole building. There were musical
numbers and the area presidency spoke to us. The coolest part was he had us
all shake his hand. Elder Cook has brown eyes hahaha. He told me thanks for
serving. The Conference was amazing and Elder Cook talked about love. Love
for the people, our companions, mission presidents, and for Jesus Christ.
He left a blessing with all of us that we would feel peace and would have
strength to overcome some of the difficulties we sometimes face. Elder Cook
is such a nice guys and it was really cool to hear from him. He doesn't
speak spanish but someone was next to him translating the whole time.

We took some to that spiritual power into the week with us. We were able to
find a new family that is really interested in this message. They have been
having some problems in their marriage but we were able to talk with them
and explain how the Gospel changes us and our hearts. I have felt the Lords
hand in the last few weeks as he has led us to members, missionaries, and
non members who are really in need of help. I was sitting with one of the
members in our ward Hermano C, he is middle aged and hasn't gotten
married yet. Lost his job and has been going through a tougher time. I have
learned on my mission that everyone that is around us has difficulties and
trials. There are so many hidden doubts and fears that cannot be seen. Only
spiritually discerned. I am grateful to my Father in Heaven who has led me
to specific people.

We are going into the last week of this change. Whew I cannot believe it
but I've been here in Zona palmita for 7.5 months now hahaha. I think they
are gonna give me a calling here in the ward and build myself a house
haha. I am excited right now. I love this mission and my mission
president. The lord is really hastening his work. We are all being asked to
share this gospel message with the world. This is a work of love and thats
what gets me out of bed every morning. I invite all of you guys to look for
someway to share the gospel with someone this week. You will be blessed for
it. God loves an cares for each one of you. You are his children. I have
felt that love he has for me and for all fo his children.

Like Taylor we have leadership conference this week which is always
motivating. I love you all so much. Have a great week and keep recovering
from the trip. I was thinking about you Riley this week. Hope you had a
good Birthday.

"Have Faith, Have hope, Live like his Son, help others on the way"

Elder Hughes

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