Monday, January 13, 2014

Guat!!!!!!! | week 67

Hey guys! Thanks dad for the email I always love your sports updates and to hear from you. Sounds like its going to be a big super bowl this year haha. Go niners! 

Well I dont have a whole lot of news alot of the weeks can be very repetitive for us. J is doing great and is reading the book of mormon for four hours everyday! haha We are just looking for the way to get her to church. She also let us know when we mentioned baptism that she has a water phobia haha. So thats going to be interesting haha. F, a professor we are teaching is also reading and progressing just doesn't want to come to church yet. We finally were able to set two appointments with him this week instead of one! I have never in my mission had a harder time getting people to come to church for the first time. Satan really works against that.

We had alot of success this week with some less actives. One afternoon we decided to look for a family that we have heard about that got baptized about three years back. We knew vaguely where they lived and starting asking people and knocking doors haha. One older lady called out to us and started talking with us and later we found out we had been looking for her! She was so excited to see us. She said she has been waiting for someone to come visit her and her family. We were able to give her and her daughter preisthood blessing. They said theyd be coming to church but didnt make it on sunday so we are going to keep visiting. Cool experiece!

We have interviews this week with President Watts I'm pretty excited I am in need of a little advice. I really trust President. 

The mission can be a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes. There are moments of such joy and excitement and others of challenges and stresses. I think thats how life can be for all of us. I love what president Hinckley says that we need to "enjoy the journey". The mission is a journey and we all have those "days" that we just want to end. But the most amazing thing is that God always gives us another sunrise. Another chance to start again. Christ died for us and payed the price for our sins so that we can start again. I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of my Savior Jesus Christ. It is the fundamental base of our faith. Without it we would have no way to return home once again. I love the Savior and it is a priviledge I have to be his witness. He lives.

Thanks for all of your prayers and love. I cannot describe the gratitude that I have for you guys. I really have been so blessed in my life. Thanks for always being there for me Mom and Dad. There are alot of people in this vast world that face challenges that seem insurmountable. With the Gospel as the center of our lives I know that we can and will be an eternal family!

Some cool news. M who we baptized in Acatan is second counselor in the relief society. F who we baptized in Llano Largo is now an elder. F here in asuncion just got his first calling as young mens 1st counselor. There are only three active young men though :(

Love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hughes

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