Monday, January 14, 2013

El Año nuevo! | Week 13

Como le va familia?
 Hey! I hope your week went well. It was so nice to talk to you guys on Tuesday. Wow the call went by so fast. I’m glad everyone had a good Christmas in Utah with all the family. Wow I’m not usually a cryer but you guys got me at the end of that call! It was so nice to talk and I just feel so grateful for all that you guys have done for me. So thanks again. That’s cool that you talked with Aaron and Mr. Conner while you were out there. Dad your teaching primary! Nice new calling for you, the kids here in Guatemala make me laugh they are awesome. I’m so pumped for Sheldon and his mission call. Tell him I say congratulations… he is going to do great things. 
So a little about my week... well Christmas Eve was good. A little crazy on p-day because everyone in Guatemala was taking the bus places so a little nuts. And it can be a bit more chaotic here than in the states. At 11.30 or so we got on our roof with chairs, cookies, milk to watch the fireworks. Everyone here in Guatemala goes outside at midnight to "quemar quetes" or light off fireworks. It was CRAZY! I’ve never seen so many fireworks at one time, really quite a sight to see. Kind of hard to get to bed after that because our neighbors were lighting them off really late into the night. Pretty different but awesome way to celebrate the holiday. Like I already mentioned I loved the call on Tuesday so much! So great to talk to all of you guys.
 Elder G and I saw some miracles this week wow! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all really tough ones. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a missionary work treadmill, where you’re working and running so hard yet it feels like you’re not going anywhere! Lots of appointments falling through and nothing going the way we want or plan it to happen. It always seems though that after a string of really challenging days we receive something wonderful after! On Saturday we returned to the familia M to see how they were doing. (Hermana M has been really sick, her kidneys have shut down... I’m not a doctor but I know that’s not good. The doctors said she didn’t have much time left. Well, we gave her a blessing a few weeks ago… I can’t remember exactly. Well she looked so much better and she was walking around and everything. She told us that they went to the doctor and miraculously her kidneys were functioning again. The doctors asked her how this could be possible. They were in awe. She bore her testimony and said she received a priesthood blessing! There have been other miracles this week with less active members that we have been helping. Some of the experiences are a little bit too personal to share. But the Lord is blessing these people. One experience I had yesterday when went to a city with Hermano D who is a member in the ward. He is an "abogado" or lawyer. We arrived at one of our new families houses... but not home again :( As we were walking back to his car (So nice to ride in a car doesn’t happen often) I saw one of the new families we had contacted across the street walk out of their home. We have not met the father and kind of got "rechezado" or rejected the last time. But we went over and met the husband. To make a long story short we ended up meeting with them in their home. This family has had some hard times. They are very poor and the father has had drug problems in the past. The spirit was VERY strong in their home. He opened up to us about all his problems and how he wants to change and be a good father. Wow!  These are some of the moments I just cherish on the mission. We sang a hymn and said a prayer and this father of two little boys smiled through his tears. I’ve never felt the spirit hit me like that before. After they were literally asking how to get to the church on Sunday. I’m so excited to work more with this family and it’s going to take a little time because he is from Honduras and to get married in Guatemala to a Guatemalan is quite the process. But remember who we "happened" to be with at that time a lawyer! It’s amazing how the Lord guides us. And many times we don’t know it’s happening. The lord placed in the right spot at the right time with the right people WOW! I love missionary work!
We have a new ward mission leader that’s going to help us here a lot! Hermano S actually works for the church here in Central America doing all the travel coordination for the missionaries. He is also a secretary of President Watts! He is so enthusiastic about the work. And he is a do-er this guy gets stuff done. Spanish took a big step forward this week. It is a process but after a month in the field things are starting to get easier with the language. Very humbling to learn any new language. If you want to learn more about yourself give it a try Ha!
We are working hard here in Llano largo. I can’t believe I have a month in the field. We are starting week five of my first transfer or change in the mission. Time is just flying by! As we start 2013 everyone has new year’s resolutions. I think this is a good time for me and everyone to "Renovar" or renew our commitment to a few things in our life. I think New Years is not a time for resolutions but a time for recommitment. First and foremost to Jesus Christ and his gospel. A commitment to not just be a part of his church but to live the gospel. I love the concept of agency and choice. We always have the choice to be happy! And I can tell you that nothing else will bring true lasting happiness than living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Happy New Years! WOW its 2013 this year just flew by! I officially dedicate 2013 to this work HA! I know good things with be in store this year. I love you all! And anyone who reads this!!!
Elder Hughes

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