Monday, January 14, 2013

Change number one in the books! | Week 15

Check out the weights we can lift! 
Cans filled with cement and a metal bar hahah! hey whatever works!

Hey!  Hope you guys had a good week. Was a pretty tough one for me and Elder G this week but we are doing well. We just finished change number one for me in the field. Time is just flying by! So some big news we received on Sunday night. We are going to get another companion. Elder G is going to train two "hijos" at once! I’m going to have a little brother haha! We will go pick this new elder up on Tuesday and be in a trio. We are thinking it’s going to be a Latino since there are already two gringos here together. I think this is going to help my spanish progress even more too! So we are pretty excited. The scary thing about all of this is Elder G thinks they are setting it up for me to be senior comp and finish his training for my third change! AHHH The mission is crazy and we never know what’s going to happen but anything is possible. I have so much more to learn this next change in the mission it’s insane but I’m up for the challenge.
So a little bit about my week... Not going to lie one of the toughest I have had in the mission so far. Elder G and I got sick this week at the same time on Monday evening. Everything is different here in Guatemala same with getting sick. All week we had this weird "gripe" or cold. That made us super tired all the time and tons of other weird side effects. Not fun... On Tuesday we had a ton of stuff to do with investigators and members so we decided to still work. It was challenging but we toughed out the day and had all of our lessons. Wednesday we were dying so we didn’t leave the house. We were both out for like four hours in the day. The rest of the week we still felt like someone was taking a hose and sucking all the energy out of us…. weirdest sickness ever ! Staying in the house is not fun at all and we have so much work to do here so we toughed out the next three days. We ended with a solid week of lessons, commitments and new investigators! Last night and today Elder G and I are finally feeling better! Yess! There were many times this week where we just looked at each other like "I don’t think I can do it today" Yet something just kept getting us out the door. Looking back I really felt the Lord helping us do his work even though all we wanted to do was lay in bed! In all my journal entries this week I just kept saying this has been such a fight this week! But all is well. That’s how the mission is sometimes, you have to fight through difficult problems, sickness and it all will be ok!
So enough about the negative! Because of our work this week we saw some awesome stuff happen. We have been working with a family here in our area. F, L, and V. L the wife is a recent convert and she was baptized a few months ago. The missionaries here have been teaching her husband and daughter for three or four months! When we started with this family it was pretty tough. F had some major doubts and fears. For three weeks now we have been trying to set a "fetcha" or baptismal date with him. He is so ready to be baptized. We have been praying so hard that he would finally accept a date! On Saturday he did and he is going to be baptized on the 26th of January! This was definitely a team effort because multiple sets of missionaries have taught him. I love this family so much. They have us over every Saturday night for a lesson and some dinner! The crazier thing is we asked him who he wants to baptize him and he picked me…. what the??? This was totally a surprise for me. I can’t believe it... I love this family so much and I feel honored to be able to baptize him! This week we also found a new family of seven that we have started to teach. We continue to work with J also. The mission is so awesome! There is no sweeter joy than helping others come unto Christ and his church. The reality of the mission really set in for me this week. No one tells you about the times when you’re sick, and everything seems so hard. It can be so sad sometimes to watch people struggle as we invite people to change and exercise their faith and nothing seems to happen. Satan really works on investigators. I learned the most about myself and the mission in one of the hardest and most rewarding weeks of my life! 
The mission is getting crazy here! With all these new missionaries coming in they are trying to get areas ready to open up. It’s going to take more time. So I think that’s a reason why we are going to have a trio here. We have a meeting with all the missionaries in the capital on thursday. D. Todd Christopherson is coming from the quorum of the twelve. How cool is that! I hope I get to see Shaun Gondola there….. maybe! I know he is in the south mission so who knows… that would be insane! Spanish is still coming along. It was a tougher week this week speaking. Doesn’t help when you’re sick that’s for sure. But I feel more and more comfortable every week.
Can’t believe one change (six weeks) is already done! Time is flying by way too fast. I love my area and my companion. I’m going to set some new goals and really continue to learn as much as I can because who knows what’s going to happen next change! This church is true and it blesses people’s lives. I want to share a little bit about charity this week. Christ told us the greatest commandment is to first love the Lord with all your heart, and then love your neighbor as yourself. Nothing is more important than charity for everyone. Bruce R McConkie said "Above all the attributes of godliness and perfection, charity is the one most devoutly to be desired. Charity is more than love, far more. It is everlasting love, perfect love, and the pure love of Christ which endureth forever" In the scriptures we are told if you don’t have charity you are nothing! Wow strong words! I know we can cultivate and develop more charity for others. I am trying to look at people not as they are but what and who they can become. That’s what the prophet told us to do this last conference! Love and Charity make everything better! That’s my focus this week to show and develop the Christ like attribute of Charity because there is nothing more important!
I love you all so much! I’m feeling so much better now! Took about a week but we are back to normal. Have a great week and share the gospel….. there is nothing more rewarding!
Elder Hughes

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