Monday, February 10, 2014

Brazilian Nights | week 71

Whats up guys! Im happy to hear that the rain has finally come. I have been keeping California in my prayers the last couple weeks. I know what you mean mom about this time feeling different. I feel like time is going by so fast right now. I didnt even feel this week it went so fast. Congrats to Rachel on the mission call! The video came through and I was able to watch it! Im so proud of her and her decision to serve. Riley, Brother you are looking OLD! haha I love your jacket! 

Well on Wendsday change conference I got my new Companion Elder G from Brazil. I had already met him earlier on in my mission. He was in zona las victorias as a zone leader and they sent him here. He has about a year in the mission and is just awesome. Tons of energy to work and we had one of the best weeks in a long time. We just laugh and work as hard as we can. haha.

The lord has really been blessing us this week. Everyday we have prayed to know where we should contact and look for new people to teach. Without fail everyday he has guided our footsteps. Last night we found a new investigator named M. We walked into a members house and began talking with her. She is going to an evangelical church right now but was coming to church a couple years ago and already has a book of mormon. She got really excited as we began to talk to her about the church and the book of mormon. She told us she had read it and knows its true! We set up an appointment for this week with her and her family.

Hermana E, a less active we have been working with came to church with us for the first time in over a year. We found this hermana and have been working with her and her family. Her grandaughter started receiving us after I taught her a little bit of english hahaha. Here in Asuncion we have been finding and seeing miracles with alot of less actives. C is also doing great and will probably get a calling here soon.

I feel great right now. The Lord has begun to bless us more here and my companion and I are working well together. I love this work and It is a priviledge I have to serve for these two short years. Mom I loved your quote. We are all in the "enduring to the end" stage of our lives and its a journey. Alot of times we fall and come up short in life but that is inevitable. It is more important how many times we get up dust ourselves off and keep moving forward. Our loving heavenly father gives us a new sunrise everyday. We can all repent and begin again moving forward and being better than what we were yesterday. I want to bear my testimony of the infinite power of the Saviors atonement. The Saviors arms are outstreched to all of us. I am a witness of the miracle that occurs when we truly repent and come unto Christ. He has healed me and I have seen his power take effect in the lives of many people here in Guatemala. Run to Christ and he will give you rest. For his burden is light and his yoke is easy.

I love you all so much. Thanks for all that you have done for me. Remember to smile and help everyone around you.

Elder Hughes

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